How high quality should your recording be?

Published on: 05 July 2021
By Marie

The first feature: different controllers have different buttons for movement. To begin with, you need to decide on the following questions: Types of directivity: We have already looked at the Touch, but in the photo below – the controllers from Vive, where instead of sticks we have touch pads that you need to press in the right direction or touch in the right place (depends from the game and how the developers implemented it). How many audio inputs and audio outputs do you need? Which computer will you use?

How high quality should your recording be? How much money are you planning to spend on buying an audio interface? omnidirectional – they catch the maximum number of sounds from all sides; bidirectional – captures sound from two sides, for example, only to the left and right of the microphone; unidirectional – captures sound from the front side only. Vive controllers and touch pad to move in the center. Audio inputs. The latter type is the most popular; unidirectional, in turn, are divided into cardiac, supercardiac and hypercardiac.

These controllers are also called “sticks” (and “hoes”), and there is a lot of debate about their convenience, but it is foolish to deny that they were the first on the market. This is one of the most important questions when choosing an audio interface. Frequency response; Personally, I prefer to play on the Touch sticks than on such a platform. There are a lot of variations here. As the name implies, this characteristic denotes the range from low to high frequencies within which the microphone generates an output signal..

Valve’s engineers have also chosen sticks when working on the latest generation of controllers, and for good reason. The simplest audio interfaces are usually equipped with one or two audio inputs, which allow you to simultaneously record 2 sound sources in mono (for example, microphones and electric guitars) or 1 sound source in stereo (for example, a synthesizer). To determine the indicators, it is necessary to understand by whom, how and for what purpose the microphone will be used.

The second feature: in games there are different schemes for the player’s movement. On the other hand, there are audio interfaces with a much larger number of audio inputs – these cards can simultaneously record dozens and sometimes hundreds of audio channels. Sensitivity and sound pressure level; The two most popular are teleports and locomotion (smooth movement). Powerful multichannel cards come in handy for track recording of musical ensembles or even an entire symphony orchestra.

Sensitivity demonstrates the microphone’s ability to pick up soft sound. Why such difficulties? The fact is that often, especially for beginners, they start to muddle up in VR out of habit. So, for simultaneous track recording of vocals and guitar with two microphones, you need a sound card with two mic inputs..

The higher the value, the lower the microphone’s sensitivity to voice volume. In reality, you yourself are standing still, but in VR your body seems to move, and this causes discomfort. When using studio condenser microphones, as we have already said, the audio interface inputs must be additionally equipped with a phantom power supply function (phantom, 48V).